38 deploy new activities aimed at stimulating the development of biomass chains that still only exist in a more abstract form. By sharing innovation, having an open and receptive attitude towards entirely new and unexpected alliances and also adopting new roles in the chain, optimum use can be made of the specific competences that the existing players possess in their familiar chains both in and outside the Netherlands. In this way, biomass can become a new pillar under the mainports. Activities In the coming two years the Bioport Nederland platform will pursue the further elaboration and implementation of the following four principal activities: 1. roviding the players with insight into the vertical (conventional P processes) and above all horizontal (synergetic cross-links) chain opportunities within the developments of biomass. 2. romotion and lobbying to maintain communication with society, P government, NGOs, market and science about the progress of the developments. Communication focuses on overarching issues in the field of preconditions (government), financing and knowledge development. Managing the preconditions is crucial to the success of the initiatives. 3. ealizing joint demo projects for developing knowledge and gaiR ning experiences. Forming a consortium around demo projects is crucial, as this partnership can evolve further to lay the basis for a new chain or cluster. 4. eveloping new business by means of partnerships between compaD nies who can promote further progress and acceleration on a commercial basis. The platform function of Bioport Nederland is highly significant now that all Dutch ports are undertaking focused efforts to develop biomass. Clearly, the projects of each port differ in terms of character, form and substance. This, however, increases the need to reinforce one another’s initiatives and efforts at the level of the Bioport objective and ambition. The core of Bioport Nederland at macro level is to act as an intermediary between the diverse - and still largely unconnected - biomassrelated sectors in order to realize the shared ambition of renewal and acceleration; in other words, the aim is not to impose a new layer, but to establish a linking element aimed at accelerating and realizing results. In this connection a bottom-up approach from the market parties is combined with a top-down vision within Bioport Nederland for the sustainable and cascaded deployment of biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels. Organization The decision has already been taken to strive for a “lean and mean” structure. One option is a two-ring structure with at the core the board of Bioport Nederland consisting of representatives of umbrella organizations such as ROM Rijnmond and InnovatieNetwerk, and possibly other members. 1. The first ring around the core consists of the initiators of Bioport Pagina 45

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