Summary 37 Business plan Bioport the Netherlands G. Boosten, A. Florentinus and J. Sanders InnnovationNetwork report no. 07.2.169, Utrecht, September 2007 Background Biomass is widely perceived to be a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in the global energy debate. The introduction of a new energy carrier means that traditional industry stands on the eve of radical changes. A new energy carrier will transform existing chains and forge new cross-links between the diverse chains, possibly spawning new chains and/or clusters. Biomass is the driver of this process and looks set to develop into a commodity with multiple applications. Objective Bioport is seeking to give the Netherlands a leading position in the sustainable application of biomass in energy, transport and chemicals, making optimum use of the existing strengths in the fields of mainports such as the Port of Rotterdam, the knowledge infrastructure, chemicals sector, energy cluster and agri/food sector. Ambition, acceleration, magnetic attraction and realization (i.e. concrete action) are key to the achievement of this objective. According to the various parties who are joining forces in Bioport Nederland to accelerate the pace of biomass development, insight into the transformation of the chain is the key to realizing its ambition and the desired acceleration of the introduction of biomass. At present the parties are still strongly entrenched in their existing chains and have little notion of developments in other chains and clusters. Bioport Nederland is not just seeking to achieve links between the biomass initiatives currently taking place across the existing chains in order to form a concrete biomass chain; Bioport Nederland is particularly keen to Pagina 44

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