48 currently required to charge a battery is one of the problems that electric transport must solve within the next few years. If the assumptions made in this report are correct, then the various actors involved should be able to reap the following benefits in 2025. Farmer Creates a market for the sale of surplus sustainable energy. Earns money from the sale of electrolyte as a fuel for electric vehicles. Cuts his energy bills by balancing his own supply of and demand for sustainable energy. Avoids the high cost of incorporating his farm into the electricity grid. Consumer Can drive while also being environmentally friendly. Electrolyte will cost less than petrol. Drives in a noiseless vehicle, while enjoying much superior in-car air quality. Can use green electricity, as the farmer supplies surplus sustainable energy to the electricity grid Society Optimum use of sustainable energy. Electric vehicles produce no CO2, particulate, or NOx emissions. Drastic reduction in the noise nuisance from traffic. Stable electricity grid due to the stationary application of the redox flow storage system Table 1: Summary of the benefits of Photon Farming in 2025. If electrolyte is actually to be used in vehicles in 2005 then the following steps must be taken. Figure 1: Transitional steps essential to the creation of “photon farmers”. Pagina 55

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